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Tŷ ar y Tywod

‘Tŷ ar y Tywod’ is an absurdist piece. It is a modern rendition of the story of David and Goliath. During the battle, David loses sight of the very principles he has been fighting to defend; finally, he steps fully into the shoes of the tyrant he strove to resist.

The play was written during the 1960s and had subsequently been controversially deconstructed. Whilst some aspects of the play had dated, I felt that there was, at its core, a persuasive text and a strong, dramatic tale. I started editing, and worked with the designers, Laura Hopkins and Jenny Kagan, to create a setting that would challenge preconceived ideas.

The production focused upon the relationship which is at the heart of the play and upon the central character’s journey. It was an act of faith : others had chosen to deconstruct; I chose to trust in the play.

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