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About me

My CV   and  CV in Word format

I am a freelance theatre director who lives in Cardiff.

During the course of my career I have sought to maintain two strands to my theatre work, taking every opportunity to look afresh at the modern classics, alongside working passionately for the development of new writing and new writers.

I have a love of language. I speak Welsh fluently, and have a sound understanding of French and Spanish. This was invaluable when working on the plays of Lorca and Moliere. I commissioned writers who spoke the playwright’s native language, and worked with them to create vibrant translations of the original text. In rehearsal, the original text was by my side, and I was able to refer to, and provide a literal translation of the original, whenever any of the actors needed greater clarity or illumination.

I am meticulous in my approach, and pay great attention to detail. I work through the text with a toothcomb, and investigate both the world of the playwright and of the play in depth. Consequently, inspiration is supported by knowledge and understanding.

The rehearsal process is creative but thorough. I focus initially on developing a genuinely thorough understanding of the text with the company. I bring research material into the rehearsal room and strive to create an environment which is hungry for knowledge and information. I work both on the text and away from it, taking time to lead the actors through a series of creative exercises on a journey which allows them to imagine their character’s past and understand their character’s present. I respect the work that the actor will do alone to further their understanding of their character and fully support that work, but collaboration is at the heart of my work. A collaborative process is more stimulating, more fruitful ...and far more enjoyable!

I have a great love of theatre as a medium, and a great respect for those who write for it. I endeavour to do justice to the work of the playwright whose play I am directing and take my responsibility as director seriously.

I am an aesthete, and regard the theatre as a temple to the aesthetic. Whatever the budget, I strive to create visually beautiful productions in which all the elements sing. From the outset, I work closely and collaboratively with the Designer, the Lighting Designer and the Composer. I offer them a clear starting point, but invest in a process that allows us to thoroughly explore our ideas. During the past five years I have formed a strong working relationship with a team of composers and designers. Together, we have created a series of productions which have been admired and celebrated.

 Crucible - slides Bernarda Alba - video Misanthrope - slides Siwan - video Beckett - slides Tŷ ar y Tywod - slides