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My introduction to Samuel Beckett was a baptism of fire : I was invited to direct ‘Not I’, ‘What, Where’ and ‘Act Without Words 1’ as part of the Gate Theatre, Dublin’s Beckett festival at the Barbican. Fortunately, the productions were a success.

Subsequently, I’ve directed a further six of Beckett’s short plays, including ‘Footfalls’ and ‘Come and Go’, as well as a production of ‘Fin de Partie’ (‘Endgame’).

When directing Niamh Cusack in ‘Not I’ I found that delving beyond the text into the character’s history was as crucial with Beckett as it is with the work of any other playwright. I have employed that principle ever since.

‘Fin de Partie’ was produced in Welsh and I felt it crucial that it resonate for a Welsh audience. We located the production in the cellar room typical of the Georgian coastal houses in West Wales and allowed the costumes to be influenced by what would have been worn in Wales during the 1950s. The plight of Hamm and Clov, Nagg and Nell, gained poignancy and relevance because of it.


What they said about Beckett plays

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