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Recent work

Image of Eddie Ladd Gaza BlaenannerchIn March 2011 the physical performer Eddie Ladd and I joined forces to explore the potential of using classical text as a stimulus for dance. We worked with some of Lady Macbeth's speeches from Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'. What evolved was unexpectedly powerful : Shakespeare has given her words; we gave her the ability to express thought and feeling physically, in addition. Her words inspired dance, and the dance that was created shed light upon the words she spoke. We heard Lady Macbeth's words afresh and saw her anew.

So extraordinary was the work produced that week, I decided to further the work and in the December I worked with Eddie and Gerald Tyler. This time we studied the characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, and the relationship between them. We also sought, and found, a new theatrical language - one which allowed Welsh and English to weave in and out of one another, and in and out of dance.

This work has prompted me to establish De Oscuro. Its first production - 'Gaza/Blaenannerch' - can be seen in the autumn. (Follow the link to De Oscuro's website, where you'll find more information about the company and 'Gaza/Blaenannerch'.)

The company's second production - 'The Macbeth Project' - will be presented in 2013.

Last year also gave rise to a departure into the world of television. I joined Green Bay Media to produce a 75 minute drama/documentary about the actor Richard Burton. 'Y Gyfrinach' was subsequently awarded the International Jury Award at the Celtic Media Festival. Ian Jones, S4C Chief Executive said of this production:

"Burton: Y Gyfrinach? was one of the highlights of S4C's Christmas and New Year schedule and it fully deserves the accolade for its excellent production."


 Crucible - slides Bernarda Alba - video Misanthrope - slides Siwan - video Beckett - slides Tŷ ar y Tywod - slides

Crucible - slides Bernarda Alba - video Misanthrope - slides Siwan - video Beckett - slides Tŷ ar y Tywod - slides