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The Crucible

‘The Crucible’ is probably the most well known of Arthur’s Miller’s plays. That he wrote it in response to the McCarthy trials is probably equally well known. It was inspired by the witchcraft trials that took place in the Bay of Massacusetts in 1692 and 1693 and charts the terrible consequences of what happened when fear gripped a community through the story of John Proctor.

The act of vying for authority was instrumental both during the 1950s and the 1690s. Being allowed to claim authority was the cause of what happened in both instances. ‘The Crucible’ charts that process and makes us witness to it. When directing ‘The Crucible’ I strove to create a production which engagaed the audience as witnesses to what was happening. The performances were passionate and heartfelt but the action occured on a near empty stage, and choreographed scene changes, which involved all members of the cast, did not allow us to forget that this was happening before our very eyes.

What they said about The Crucible

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